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9 Surprising Rules to Fair Fighting

Believe it or not there is a fair way of fighting. Couples who communicate ineffectively often have a number of harmful habits. These pitfalls in a relationship can turn small disagreements into heated arguments. The fair rules to fighting encourages couples to have these discussions, but guided by rules of engagement.

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Intimacy and connection are at the


of who we are

It’s the story of how we all came to be. It has a lively and productive vitality.

Despite this, any knowledge or touch with this aspect of ourselves is frequently shrouded in fear, shame, or misunderstanding. However, this does not have to be the case.

We are all affected by a lack of prioritization of mental wellbeing and sexual health education. However, our wish for you is to live into a new narrative by purposefully working on reclamation and rediscovery with time, information and expert counselling, from the comfort of your own home.



Mindful Connections offers online counselling and research that empowers couples and individuals in their own sexuality, enabling them to process and maximise the ability to connect in their relationships with themselves and others and take control of their lives.

How will Mindful Connections counselling




  • More accessible and affordable than standard therapy
  • Discuss your mental health and relationships in a supportive, non-judgmental environment
  • Clarify needs and wants in sex and/or relationships
  • Mindfully process relationship blocks, reproductive difficulties, grief or sexual challenges
  • Ask questions, address your wellness goals, and receive general sexuality and healthy relationships education

What are our counselling sessions




  • Treating complex trauma
  • Treating mental health conditions like anxiety, depression or other conditions, though people engaging in treatment for these may find counselling to be a supportive additional resource
  • Diagnosing medical or mental health conditions
  • Substituting for medically prescribed psychology or any type of psychological intervention
  • Teaching couples or individuals HOW to have sex



“We, as humans, have a great responsibility to cultivate healthy relationships for ourselves and those connected to us.”

– Mindful Connections

Jonathan and Lounette Els noticed a great indifference within the guidance and support systems through their studies in Psychology and Social Sciences. At the outset, this was apparent in academic mentorship, but they began to open their eyes to the strain of relationships and connection outside of their fields of study. It was through this that they awakened their soul purpose of helping others build sustainable human connections through communication, counselling and research.

Jonathan and Lounette launched Mindful Connections in 2018 with the goal of gradually breaking the stigma and guilt that frequently surrounds sexual wellbeing and mental health.

Mindful Connections functions on the ethos of taking accountability for a healthier mindset by practically applying what we have learned to nurture communication and education in a safe space, both within our clients’ lives and our own business.

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