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Mindful Connections offers online counselling that empowers couples and individuals in their own sexuality, enabling them to process and maximise the ability to connect in their relationships with themselves and others



Our relationship coach and sexual wellness counsellor

Since I was a child, I had this instinctive desire to make people around me happy. Early on, I knew that whatever career I pursue, it would be within a profession that supports and serves people. I have always cherished the importance of human connection as a deep bond that is formed between people when they feel seen and valued. In my own experiences, these connections with loved ones and even strangers, have always been in the forefront of what I set out to do and to leave a positive mark in this world.

I am a qualified and registered Specialist Wellness Counsellor (ASCHP SW20/790) with an extensive academic background in Psychological sciences and Research. I completed my Masters in Social and Psychological Research at the University of the Witwatersrand, and currently focusing on my Doctorate in Sexualities and Reproduction with Rhodes University.

As a supportive counsellor, my services are rooted in the person-centred approach which allows my clients the space to establish their own direction and goals for counselling. It also allows clients the opportunity to journey wherever they feel comfortable, by providing a safe and non-judgemental space. My role as a counsellor is to facilitate growth and healing from an individual point of view, as well as nurturing the relationships that surround us. Additionally, I provide a more directive approach to help clients reach their counselling goals through homework and psycho-education.

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Individual Counselling

Individual counselling is a personal opportunity to receive support and experience growth during challenging times. This process can assist an individual to deal with many personal topics in life such as managing anger, stress and anxiety, strong emotions, marriage and relationship challenges, parenting problems, career changes etc. It is important to note that even if there is an US, there is also a YOU and ME within our relationship that needs care and healing.

Couples Counselling and Sexual Wellness

Effective couples counselling focuses not only on the shared experiences within a relationship, but also working with each individual’s range of emotions and personal experiences. Often, couples turn to relationship coaching or marriage counselling when they experience breakdowns within the relationship which they cannot seem to solve on their own. This also leads to a crossroads – can we move forward or should we part ways.

It is important to note that the role of a couples counsellor and relationship coach is not advising whether couples should or should not stay together. It is the role of the counsellor to facilitate communication – which predominantly leads to relationship breakdowns – and provide a safe space where each individual can express their own needs within the relationship. By offering these spaces, clients can be themselves in front of their partners, with the aim of creating better understanding of each other, their own pitfalls, and desires. Furthermore, seeking out counselling does not necessarily mean the relationship is doomed. Couples counselling can create an opportunity for ANY relationship to become stronger by aligning our understanding of one another, sharing more compassion and aligning our goals together.

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Moreover, a part of relationships that is often overlooked or not prioritised includes sexual wellness. Sexual health remains a topic that is seen as taboo, especially when it comes to open and honest conversation between partners and even our own perceptions. Many couples and individuals do not seek assistance in this part of their relationship because of societal stigma and shame that is often coupled with sexual challenges. Additionally, many couples believe that they should have severe sexual problems before seeking help from a specialised practitioner. However, majority of sex therapists and sexual wellness professionals deal with general sexual problems within relationships such as lack of effective communication, desire discrepancy, initiation, needs and fantasies, intimacy and re-connection.

My level of knowledge and understanding of sexual wellness is attributed to the guidance of mentors in the field, research and literature, as well as continued relevant workshops, international training and local memberships. It is therefore important to note that I do not proclaim to be a “sexologist or sex therapist”. I offer my knowledge and guidance on the subject as a trained and registered ASCHP counsellor. Furthermore, my approach with sexual wellness is systemic. Often, we find that the cause of the concern isn’t related to one particular thing. Therefore, I rely on a strong referral base to assist you within a more holistic framework.

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Some of the topics we look at in our sessions (individual and/or couples), may include:

  • Sexual history
  • Negative sex messages
  • Present sexual functioning
  • Sexual problems
  • Shame and fear
  • Intimacy
  • Desire and arousal
  • Communication
  • Sex education

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and reproductive challenges

Perinatal loss and (in)fertility battles effect women and couples around the world, yet it can be an experience that leaves individuals feeling isolated. Pregnancy loss or more commonly referred to as miscarriage, is a devastating event that can happen in approximately 25% of pregnancies. Moreover, recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL), which refers to two pregnancy losses prior to 20 weeks, occurs in one to three percent of all couples trying to conceive (van Dijk et al., 2020).

At any gestational stage, perinatal loss is a devastating experience and other infertility challenges have been cited as a major source of stress for many women (and men). This can lead to psychological concerns such as intense grief, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sense of failure, and long-term feelings of guilt and shame (Köneş & Yıldız, 2020). In addition, waiting to become parents can be a long, heartbreaking journey for many people trying to conceive and these challenges can also bring major strain to any relationship.

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As a counsellor and trying to conceive myself, my own infertility experiences and recurrent losses have prompted and encouraged me to delve into this unspoken reality that affects many families who suffer in silence. Talking about my own journey has helped immensely with my healing, and I feel passionate about offering a safe space to those who deal with this devastating event.

Some of the topics we look at in our sessions (individual and/or couples), may include:

  • Pregnancy loss
  • Infantile loss
  • Voluntary termination of pregnancy
  • Infertility and reproductive challenges

Frequently asked


Talking about intimacy, especially when we’re unhappy or in pain, may be unsettling and frightening. However, the dread indicates that we’re discussing sensitive matters, and our qualified counsellors work hard to ensure that you feel secure, supported, and appreciated while communicating and working through your challenges.

While our counselling sessions are not currently covered by standard medical aid plans, we have made an active effort to price our services
competitively in able to make them fully accessible and affordable to a larger population.

All Mindful Connections sessions are done online, so you can enjoy all the benefits of counselling from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Sexual health counselling and relationship coaching, in addition to personal discovery and self-education, may help you and your partner achieve significant breakthroughs.

A competent sexual health coach will not put you under any strain or make you feel as if there is anything wrong with you. A skilled counsellor
can help you gain confidence and sexual empowerment on your own time and terms.