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Mindful Connections research assists students from various disciplines at post-graduate level. We offer guidance on any reasonable research-related task. As academics, we understand the isolating and frustrating journey research can create for students- especially when they feel unsupported. So, let us simplify research for you and help clarify certain concepts, feedback, and tasks.

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Mindful Connections offers online mentorship, guidance and support that empowers students to confidently navigate the research process.

In our professional capacity, we support students from all academic backgrounds in writing and producing a well-constructed and mindful research piece. We offer services on a consultancy basis to discuss all aspects of the research study/project. We also offer assistance with any reasonable problem a student might have regarding their research proposal or final dissertation.

Services may include:

  • Structural design of the research piece
  • Writing style
  • Chapter design
  • Reference formatting
  • Data methods and design
  • Constructing survey/interview itinerary
  • Ethics (application and compliance)
  • Statistical analysis
  • Qualitative analysis
  • Literature searches
  • Consulting supervisory notes and recommendations
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Individual consults
  • Research support groups

Important note:

Our services do not supersede the guidance of your institution/supervisor. Rather, we consult all notes and recommendations to construct a well thought out research report, together. Furthermore, our research consultants do not write or conduct research on any student’s behalf.

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Frequently Asked


We have two main service offerings.

  1. Assistance with already written work- R50 per page and R20 per reference (if applicable).
  2. Assistance with non-written work- we offer research consults to discuss and guide difficult concepts or methods you might struggle with. This service is through an online Zoom consult per hour (R400) and R100 additional should we need to review any documents before the session.

Short answer, no. We consider doing work on behalf of a client that will be evaluated/examined for degree purposes unethical and accounts as plagiarism. We also do not run statistics or interpret data for you. Rather, we provide a supportive environment for you to flourish in your own work and capabilities.

Yes, both research consultants are members of the Professional Editor’s Guild (PEG). However, we would like clients to understand that we are researchers first and foremost and not specifically trained in language editing.

We work on a 20 page per day maximum. However, we always aim to assist with any reasonable deadlines you might have.

You receive professional guidance from research consultants that are thoroughly skilled and trained in Research. We do not merely read through your work and do technically editing (grammar, spelling, punctuation etc).

We offer suggestions and edit your work to strengthen your arguments, highlight any anomalies we might come across and when certain thoughts might not be clear for a reader or examiner. We pride ourselves on offering clarified and constructive feedback to improve your research. Further, in our consults we empower you with the knowledge we retain and offer simplified “how to” and supportive guidance on the challenges you face.

We provide transcription services at R11.50 per audio minute. We also assist in literary searches for clients at R400 per hour, where we provide you with all the relevant literature on your topic within an hour.



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