Couples counselling package

Curated for couples to communicate and work together effectively
couples counselling relationship coach

These sessions are divided into four hourly consults: 

  • Couples’ introduction session: here I gather background information from both clients and the relationship, as well as the medical history of both clients and establish what the main challenges they are currently facing. Lastly, we establish therapeutic goals we can work towards.
  • Individual session (each): just as much as there is an US and WE in a relationship, there is also a YOU and ME. It is therefore important to acknowledge and provide the space for individual experiences. Here I delve into an individual understanding of each person on how they have felt within the relationship, as well as childhood narratives. What we tend to experience growing up, we bring into our adult relationships. Therefore, we need to create better understanding (not excuses) and empathy for our partners to work together on the challenges we face.
  • Couples’ feedback session: here we discuss each person’s individual experiences- thoughts, feelings and behaviours- within the relationship. We also discuss past experiences, learning and habits that have been rooted in possible trauma and upbringing to establish mutual understanding between partners. We then discuss needs and expectations within the relationship so each partner can fill their cup whilst nurturing the relationship moving forward.

During these sessions, I will provide individual homework where necessary- as well as couples home work. 

Price: R1500

Duration: 4 hourly sessions