Sexual Wellness Counselling package

Rekindle the flame. Focused on reshaping intimacy

These sessions are divided into four hourly initial consults: 

  • Couples’ introduction session: here I gather background information from both clients and the relationship, as well as the medical history of both clients and establish what the main challenges they are currently facing. Lastly, we establish therapeutic goals we can work towards.
  • Individual session (each): here we go through each client’s sexual history. Questions are focused around past experiences, current sexual experiences in the relationship, individual needs and expectations, concerns etc.
  • Couples’ feedback session: here we discuss each person’s individual experiences- thoughts, feelings and behaviours- within the relationship. We also discuss where partners are on the same page regarding sexual needs and desires and where there are areas to improve upon

Four check-ins (follow ups) 

Couples will be given home loveplay excercises created to rekindle the intimate bond. Howework will progress over a 4-week period and a weekly check-in will be scheduled to assess progress, concerns and to establish whether additional homework (individually or as a couple) is required.

Price: R3500

Duration: 8 hourly sessions